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1 - Which reddish brown songbird sings just before dawn or after dusk?
2 - Which night is April 30th?
3 - What are the initials of the poet Eliot?
4 - Who revised the rules of tennis in 1877: the Marylebone Cricket Club, the England Croquet Club or the Football Association?
5 - What is the capital of the Isle of Man?
6 - What detested school-pudding ingredient becomes couscous, the main source of starch in the Moroccan diet?
7 - Which Harry was 'Without You' in 1972?
8 - Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot where?
9 - The study of the manner in which organisms carry on their life processes is ________.
10 - What is the surname of the decidedly anti-social TV characters Wayne and Waynetta?

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