This site, and the trivia database behind it is an unsponsored work.  The quizmaster doesn't earn much money from this site and isn't paid for doing any of this.  Believe me, he would LOVE to get paid to do this and to be able to spend hours reviewing the databases and stuff.

The bottom line is that he has a "real" job and does this for the love of trivia.  This means that sometimes he's not around to answer every e-mail within minutes, although that does sometimes happen!.  This also means that there are occasional discrepancies in the database, remember that there are nearly 6,000 questions in the main category and in the IRC "Synonym" category there are over 20,000.  So, if you do encounter something you think is wrong or needs changed then please be polite about it and mail your query.  It WILL get answered.

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