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1 - A sun-dried grape is known as a(n) ___________.
2 - Which east coast port is known as The Granite City?
3 - Which trio had their biggest UK hit with Marrakesh Express?
4 - Which country did Michelle go to when she left Albert Square?
5 - What is the first name of TV cook Mott?
6 - In which country is the Table Mountain?
7 - Which of Castro's revolutionary team mates died whilst exporting Marxism to Bolivia?
8 - In the film 'Free Willy' what was Willy? (Don't be crude!)
9 - How old was Olga Korbut when she first impressed the world with her Olympic performance: 15, 16 or 17?
10 - Why did British Rail athletes travel to their 1994 athletics meeting by bus?

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