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1 - Who plays against Rangers in an Auld Firm derby match?
2 - -isms: A diseased condition resulting from the use of beverages such as whiskey.
3 - In the 1850s a Singer sewing machine became the first item to be sold under which trading terms?
4 - Which former England batsman Derek was known as 'Rags'?
5 - Which country can you easily walk to from Gibraltar?
6 - A 'sirocco' refers to a type of __________.
7 - What did the Amoco Cadiz spill off the Brittany coastline?
8 - What type of writing is John Betjeman famous for?
9 - Which actor Orson starred in 'Citizen Kane' and 'The Third Man'?
10 - Which comedy duo did the famous, 'Who's on first?' routine?

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