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1 - Which country does the airline Iberia come from?
2 - In modern times, how often have the Olympic Games been cancelled due to war?
3 - Was Haile Selassie the first Ethiopian ruler to: travel abroad, sing reggae or sponsor a soccer match?
4 - What is ikebana?
5 - In which unusual way does Yorick first appear on stage in 'Hamlet'?
6 - With which country is Prince Rainier III identified?
7 - How many minutes in two and a half hours?
8 - In what kind of racing was Jim Clark world champion?
9 - How many British women shared a 1994 $96million US court settlement after having breast implants: 35, 350 or 3,500?
10 - Which wild cat gives its name to a Bay on Cardiff's quayside?

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