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1 - Who says, 'Know what I mean, 'Arry'?
2 - What is a common vegetable and flower used by Mendel in his theories on genetics?
3 - In which country was Maria Cecilia Sophia Anna Kalogeropoulou, better known as Maria Callas, born?
4 - During which war was Maurice Chevalier wounded and taken prisoner?
5 - Who tragically died while appearing on Live at Her Majesty's?
6 - What wasn't a news bulletin but did feature Pamela Stephenson and Rowan Atkinson?
7 - Which northern city is served by Ringway airport?
8 - Which 1970s film about a giant ape was a remake of a 1933 movie?
9 - What did John call his skiffle group in 1957?
10 - Who went furthest up the UK chart with Mona Lisa?

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